How it Works

  • Register With Us: Create an account on our website by entering your personal information and clicking “Create Account.” Then choose the package you want to subscribe to, and you will then be taken to a payment page. Upon payment, you will get IMMEDIATE access to our services.
  • Presentation of Practice Tests: After completing the payment, the website shows the students the questions based on the predefined structure. Depending on the subject or course, there may be a variety of formats, such as multiple-choice questions, essay-style questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, or practical evaluations.
  • Access and Time Limit: Students always have access to the questions and typically have a set amount of time to do them. The exam system keeps track of how long the exam takes and can submit the responses independently when the time limit is up.
  • Question Display: Students can use a user interface to navigate the questions on their screen. Before submitting the exam, they can usually go back and forth, examine, and change their answers.
  • Answer Submission: Students use the website to submit their responses. As the students move through the test, the system records the responses, guaranteeing that the work is safe in the event of any technical difficulties.
  • Result Declaration: Students often have access to their scores through the platform when the practice exam is concluded, and the grading procedure is complete. Depending on the test’s format and the educational institution’s standards, they might get feedback and a score or grade.
  • Package Resubscription: Lastly, unless you want to unsubscribe from the package, you can always resubscribe to get complete access to our services if the previous package expires within the specified duration.
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