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What is the TEAS Test?

Also, going by the name Test of Essential Academic Skills, the TEAS test is a standardized admissions test. It is given in nursing schools to help evaluate potential candidates for admission to the nursing school. The test acts as a predictor of the student’s success in school and is developed by ATI.

This test assesses the nursing candidate’s skills in various aspects, including English and language usage, science, math, and reading skills. Any student aspiring to join a nursing school must successfully pass this test to gain admission to that particular school. The test is used to determine the best candidates for admission to the nursing school. This test can be given at specific locations, including:

  • Online via proctoring service assistant
  • At an ATI testing site
  • In person, at the school you want to join

Remember that every school that gives this TEAS exam has its regulations regarding this test. Since this is a crucial test, you must be fully prepared to sit for it. That is why at Nursingprepexams, we are here to help. We want you to feel confident and ready as you go to sit for the TEAS test to be admitted to that dream nursing school. Our platform has many TEAS practice questions that are as difficult and in the same format as the TEAS test you will sit for. The questions also come with well-explained explanations of why your answer was incorrect.

Brief TEAS Exam Overview

The TEAS exam takes roughly 209 minutes until completion. Typically, students are tested in four sections: 

  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading
  • English

Below is a quick summary:

1. TEAS Math

  • Number of questions:38
  • Time limit: It should take 57 minutes
  • Specific Areas Tested: Algebra, numbers, data interpretation, and measurement

2. TEAS Reading

  • Questions: 45
  • Time limit: 55 minutes
  • Areas tested: Craft and structure, key ideas and details, integration of knowledge and ideas

3. TEAS Science

  • Questions: 50
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Areas tested: Life and physical science, scientific reasoning, human anatomy, and physiology

4. TEAS English and Language Usage

  • Questions: 37
  • Time Limit: 37 minutes
  • Areas tested: Knowledge of language, conversations of standard English, using vocabulary and language to bring out your ideas in writing

The ATI TEAS test has a total of 170 questions. It is essential to prepare adequately for this exam. Let us help you prepare for the exam to achieve a better score and get admitted to that nursing school using our full-length simulated exams.

What is on the TEAS Test?

The TEAS exam has four distinct sections, each consisting of specialty questions like supply answer, multiple-select, ordered response, and a hot spot alongside multiple-choice questions. Preparing for all four sections of the test sets you up for success. Here are the sections in deeper detail:

1. TEAS Reading

With the TEAS Reading section covering 45 questions to finish in 55 minutes, students require at least a minute and a few seconds for each question. Most questions here have a short passage; you should read and answer questions from the passage. Others could be in the form of a figure or table from which you are to draw your answers.

When doing this test, it is essential to keep a steady pace, especially in the reading section, to have enough time to attempt all the questions. You should take roughly 73 seconds to read and answer every question. Here are the questions in each category under the reading section:

  • Integration of knowledge and ideas – 15
  • Craft and structure – 9
  • Key ideas and details – 15
  • Unscored questions – 6

2. TEAS Science

This TEAS Science section has 50 questions to be handled in 60 minutes. If you are good at maths, you will understand that every question will require roughly 72 seconds. If you can handle the easy ones in less than that, giving more time to the complex questions is better. Here are the questions and topics you can expect in the science test:

  • Biology – 9
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology – 18
  • Chemistry – 8
  • Scientific reasoning – 9
  • Unscored questions – 6

3. TEAS Math

The TEAS Math section has 38 questions which should be completed in 57 minutes. You could take around 90 seconds for each question to attempt all the questions. Students can use a calculator that the test center provides to tackle this section of the TEAS exam. The math section has 38 questions, but only 4 of these questions are used as “test” questions. Students are not aware of the scored or unscored questions, so they should attempt all questions to their best level. Here is a breakdown of the questions:

  • Measurement and data – 16
  • Number and Algebra – 18
  • Unscored questions – 4

4. TEAS English and Language Usage

This English and Language usage section has 37 questions to be done in 37 minutes. Typically, you have a minute for every question. In this test section, students are examined on three main English topics. Here is a breakdown of the questions in every topic:

  • Knowledge of language – 11
  • Conventions of standard English – 12
  • Using language to express ideas in writing – 10
  • Unscored questions – 4

TEAS Test Prep

After understanding what you should expect in the TEAS nursing exam, it is time to fully prepare to face the exam. First, you need to register for the test, and there are four ways you can do that, including:

  • In-person, proctored by PSI
  • In-person proctored at the institution
  • TEAS online, proctored by the institution
  • TEAS online, proctored by ATI

Schools that require you to do this test before admission should communicate with the students and let them know the testing methods they apply. They should also tell them the permitted number of attempts and deadline information. Start creating a preparation strategy after knowing your exam date. Everything you require to study for your HESI exam.

Starting with a practice test is one of the remarkable ways to prepare for the test exam. You will know where you will most likely struggle during the exam and work on that section. Ensure you take practice tests, and review the class notes and study guides to prepare adequately for the test exam.

You could also visit the testing location if you are to do the test in person to familiarize yourself with the environment. Slot in some two days before the test for resting your brain. Exercise proper nutrition and a regular sleeping schedule to ensure you are in the right state of mind during the exam day.

  • TEAS Test Study Guide

Students can find many study guides online. These study guides are quite accessible and can help most students pass their nursing tests. A good study guide must be accompanied by practice tests in the toolkit to prepare the student adequately. If you are lucky, the course administrator could provide the study guides.

  • ATI TEAS Practice Tests

The best part about these study guides is that they will help you become more confident and comfortable handling the nursing exam. They will also greatly help regarding time constraints and management during the exam. The free practice tests are a significant portion of your studying strategy. They help you gain familiarity and enhance your time management during the exam.

How to Study for the TEAS Nursing Test

One easy way to pass the TEAS nursing test is by studying and preparing the right way. You should review the tests and look for areas where you struggle to find solutions. These are the areas that seem problematic. For example, if you are good at algebra and find it a problem understanding human anatomy, your efforts should be more on the anatomy topic.

Find learning materials and review these problematic topics to better your chances of scoring high marks in the areas you do not fully understand. Reviewing the key fundamentals is essential, but it should only cover a little of your exam preparation time. Ensure the exam is far enough to give you adequate time to prepare well.

Your test administrator should give you more details about the exam that should help you get prepared. These could include the technology requirements, testing platform, and exam details. Below are crucial tips to consider:

  • Manage your calendar – backtrack your preparation once you register for the exam and have a specific date for the same. Set sufficient time to study for the exam to avoid cramming studying a few minutes before the exam.
  • Have a study plan – after acquiring all the testing information, ensure you create a study plan. Look at how comfortable you are to face the exam and the competencies of an exam. Assess your weak points and work on them.
  • Practice – even though you may think you understand most concepts, do not just sit back and wait for the exam. Use your time well to practice other issues, such as time management.
  • Take care of yourself – avoid overworking yourself as you prepare. Burnout during the preparations will only make things worse for you. Rest well, stay active, and feed a balanced diet to remain fresh and optimistic for the exam.

TEAS Exam Registration

Your school should inform you of the available testing methods, the allowed attempts, and the deadline information. After you have all this information, you can choose the preferred proctor method. Some students prefer getting to the testing location, while others prefer doing the test in a familiar environment like their home; whatever is good for you, do it.

Register for the test immediately after receiving all the information you need about the exam from your school. Pick your test time, date, and location according to what works best for you and the school’s requirements.

Registration can happen via online options via the website or in person. If you want the online proctored exam, ensure the technology you use has the system requirements you need before you can register for the same.

Items to Bring with You to the Test

  1. ATI assessment ID – it should be provided in the confirmation email sent after you registered
  2. Sharpened no two pencils with erasers – do not bring mechanical pencils, separate erasers, highlighters, or pens.
  3. Government-issued ID – it could be a US passport, state ID card, driver’s license, US permanent resident card, or military ID. Credit cards and student ID cards do not count.

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Frequently ask questions

Generally speaking, the TEAS exam may not be as easy as you may want it to be. That is because nursing school is still not a walk in the park. The exam is used to select the best students that will accomplish the course successfully. However, proper planning and practice from tests will make things easy for you as you face the exam.

The main difference is that TEAS 7 includes additional English and language usage queries, a reduction of A & P questions, and more chemistry.

The TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 are equated, according to ATI. That means some schools could accept your TEAS 6 exam results. Conversely, some schools only work with TEAS 7 exam results. That is why checking with your school and seeing what results they accept is advisable. If the school only accepts TEAS 7 results, you will have to do it even if you have the TEAS 6 results.

The cost could be dependent on where you take it. Averagely, you will pay around $115 for the TEAS proctored exam. These fees cover the proctoring fees, scheduling, and testing. A retake could cost around $115.

Yes, there are three venues you can take the exam. They include in-person at a national testing center, online exams using ATI remote proctoring, and on-campus.

To pass the TEAS exam, you have to prepare the right way. Here are some tips to help you prepare and get ready to face the exam:

  • Have a robust plan – find what areas you have a problem in and what resources you have available.
  • Don’t cram study
  • Get a TEAS practice exam
  • Practice efficient time management
  • Answer all questions
  • Take care of your body and mind – by eating well and getting some rest

The test is only limited to 209 minutes. That is 3 hours and 39 minutes only.

Understand that the TEAS test is not a fail or pass test. Students must strive to earn a minimum overall score of around 58.7% or higher.

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