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TEAS Test Success Stories: Inspiring Journeys and Proven Tips for Acing the Exam


This article is packed with TEAS test success stories from students who’ve been in your shoes and aced the exam. We’ll delve into real-life experiences (think TEAS test testimonials) from successful TEAS test takers. Their journeys will provide valuable insights and a confidence boost as you prepare for your TEAS victory.

Reading about others who conquered the TEAS test can be a powerful motivator. Here, we’ll meet five inspiring individuals who triumphed on their TEAS journeys:

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1. From Pharmacy Tech to LPN: Sarah’s Story

Sarah, a certified pharmacy technician who dreams of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), knew the TEAS was a crucial step. Despite working full-time, she carved out dedicated study hours using practice tests and TEAS prep resources. Initially overwhelmed by science, she found a fantastic online tutor who helped her grasp critical concepts. Sarah’s hard work paid off: she scored in the 90th percentile, securing her spot in the LPN program!

Quote: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Finding a tutor who understood my learning style made all the difference.” – Sarah.

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Let nursingprepexams do the TEAS for you

2. Second-Career Registered Nurse Aspiration: David’s Journey

David, a former marketing professional, decided to pursue a second career in nursing. After a long hiatus from academics, the TEAS initially seemed daunting. However, David embraced a structured study approach, utilizing flashcards and TEAS prep books alongside his work schedule.

He overcame his anxiety by joining a TEAS study group and finding support and motivation from peers. David’s dedication resulted in stellar TEAS scores, paving the way for his Registered Nurse (RN) program application.

Quote: “Joining a study group was a game-changer. Sharing strategies and experiences with others kept me focused and motivated.” – David.

3. Balancing Work and Studying: Maria’s Journey

Maria, a single mom working as a nursing assistant, knew the TEAS was essential for her RN aspirations. Juggling work, family, and studying presented a significant challenge. Maria found success by creating a realistic study schedule and utilizing mobile TEAS prep apps during her commutes. When self-doubt crept in, she focused on visualizing her future as a registered nurse. Maria’s perseverance shone through with a high TEAS score, opening doors to her dream RN program.

Quote: “Believing in myself was just as important as studying the material. I visualized my future as a nurse, which kept me going.” – Maria.

Students celebrating after becoming nurses-TEAS Test Success Stories: Inspiring Journeys

4. From CNA to BSN: June’s Story

June, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) passionate about critical care, set sights on a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. With its emphasis on science, the TEAS presented a hurdle, but June wasn’t worried.

She leveraged her healthcare knowledge and used TEAS prep books with a strong science focus. To combat test anxiety, she practiced mindfulness techniques like meditation before taking tests. Sarah’s dedication paid off: she scored in the high 80s, securing her spot in the BSN program!

Quote: “Don’t underestimate your existing knowledge! My experience as a CNA gave me a solid foundation for the TEAS, especially in the reading section.” – June.

5. Non-Traditional Student Success: Michael’s Journey

Michael, a student with a background in engineering, decided to pursue a career in nursing after a life-changing experience. The TEAS felt overwhelming with its focus on entirely new subjects, but Michael wasn’t deterred.

He embraced a multi-faceted approach, combining TEAS practice tests with online video lectures. To target his weaknesses, he identified areas needing improvement through practice tests and then focused on those specific topics. Michael’s resilience resulted in a score that met his program’s requirements, allowing him to embark on his new nursing path.

Quote: “Don’t be afraid to experiment with different study methods. Find what works best for you and adapt your approach as needed.” – Michael

Success Tips From Successful TEAS Test Takers

Here, we’ll unpack critical takeaways and actionable tips from our TEAS test success stories, equipping you with a personalized battle plan.

Conquering Each TEAS Section:

  • Reading: Sarah (BSN aspirant) reminds us of the power of existing knowledge. If you have healthcare experience, leverage it! Focus on actively comprehending passages, not just speed-reading. Explore TEAS prep books with reading practice specifically designed for the test.

  • Math: Michael highlights the value of targeted practice. Identify your weak areas through practice tests and dedicate study time to mastering those math topics. TEAS prep books with targeted math practice sections and online video tutorials can be powerful allies.

  • Science: Sarah (LPN) and Sarah (BSN) conquered science with different approaches. Sarah (LPN) found a tutor, while Sarah (BSN) used science-focused TEAS prep books. The key is to see what works for you! Consider combining resources like prep books, online lectures, or tutoring to solidify your science foundation.

  • English: David (RN program applicant) underscores the power of a support system. Joining a TEAS study group can boost your English skills through shared strategies and peer-to-peer learning. Utilize TEAS prep books for grammar review and practice writing exercises that mirror the test format.

Effective Study Methods:

  • Time Management: Maria (RN aspirant) exemplifies the importance of scheduling. Create a realistic study plan that accommodates your work and personal life. Utilize mobile TEAS prep apps for on-the-go studying during commutes or breaks.

  • Practice Tests: All TEAS heroes swear by practice tests. Use these resources to identify knowledge gaps, hone test-taking skills, and manage exam time effectively.

  • Focus on Weak Areas: Michael emphasizes targeted studying. Don’t waste time on areas you’ve already mastered. Practice tests will expose your weaknesses, allowing you to focus your efforts on improvement.

Valuable Resources:

  • TEAS Prep Books: Look for comprehensive TEAS prep books that offer content review, practice questions, and full-length practice tests for all sections.

  • Online Tutorials: Explore video lectures or interactive lessons offered by TEAS prep websites or educational platforms.

  • Study Groups: Consider joining a TEAS study group, either online or in person, to share strategies, ask questions, and boost your motivation.

Remember, the TEAS test is a hurdle, but it’s conquerable. By incorporating these tips and utilizing the recommended resources, you’ll be well on your way to TEAS triumph and your dream nursing career!

How To Pass and Conquer The Test Day

The TEAS prep journey can be a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping yourself motivated throughout is crucial for success. Here are some strategies from our TEAS test success stories:

  1. Focus on the Finish Line: Visualize yourself achieving your dream score and securing that coveted spot in nursing school! Every practice question mastered, every concept understood, brings you closer to that goal.
  2. Plan Your Path to Victory: Like Sarah (RN aspirant), create a realistic study plan that fits your schedule. Break down the TEAS material into manageable chunks and set achievable goals for each study session. Celebrating each milestone, big or small, will keep you motivated.
  3. Conquer Test Day anxiety: Even the most prepared test-takers can experience nerves. Take a deep breath and remember Sarah (BSN aspirant) ‘s calming techniques, like meditation. Remember, you’ve put in the hard work, and you’re equipped with the knowledge to succeed.
  4. Master Time Management: Replicate test-day conditions by taking practice tests under timed settings. This will help you develop strategies for allocating time effectively during the actual exam. Don’t spend too much time on a single question – flag it and move on, knowing you can return later if time allows.

The TEAS test is a significant step towards your nursing aspirations. By staying motivated throughout your preparation and implementing these TEAS test-taking tips, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the TEAS and achieving your dreams!

TEAS Test Testimonials

  • “The TEAS seemed daunting initially, but the success stories here were a huge motivator! I found a TEAS prep course that fit my learning style, and practicing with those questions boosted my confidence.” – Sarah.
  • “I was so worried about the science section, but thanks to these tips, I found a great tutor who helped me understand the key concepts. I scored way higher than I ever thought possible!” – Michael.
  • “Juggling work, family, and studying for the TEAS was tough, but these stories reminded me it’s possible. Creating a schedule and using those mobile apps for on-the-go studying were lifesavers!” – Jack.


These TEAS test success stories and actionable tips are your roadmaps to TEAS victory. Remember, the key takeaways are:

  • Find your study style: Whether it’s prep books, online tutorials, or study groups, discover what works best for you.
  • Target your weaknesses: Don’t waste time on mastered topics. Use practice tests to identify areas needing improvement and focus your efforts there.
  • Stay motivated: Visualize your goals, celebrate milestones, and don’t be afraid to seek help from tutors or study groups.
  • Conquer test day: Manage your time effectively and remember the calming techniques to combat TEAS test anxiety.

The TEAS test is a challenge, but it’s conquerable. With dedication, the right resources, and the strategies outlined here, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a stellar TEAS score and taking that first step toward your rewarding nursing career.

Explore the official TEAS testing websites and nursing school forums for additional resources and support. Remember, a community of aspiring nurses is out there cheering you on! So take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and prepare to conquer the TEAS test!

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