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Top 10 TEAS Prep Courses for High Scores (2024)


Preparing for the TEAS exam can sometimes be complicated for students, but enrolling in a TEAS prep course could be the answer to achieving high scores on the test. These specialized courses provide comprehensive review materials, a structured study plan, and practice exams that mimic the actual exam.

These materials help students find their weak areas in the TEAS sections and work towards improving on them. The TEAS test prep courses also have personalized feedback and expert instruction, which enable students to build their confidence by fully understanding even complex concepts.

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Best TEAS Prep Courses

1. Nursing Prep Exams

Nursing Prep Exams is a comprehensive online platform that offers nursing students extensive preparation resources to pass their TEAS test. One critical service the company provides is the ability to take the TEAS exams on behalf of students.

The service is perfect for students who want to pass their TEAS exam on the first attempt or feel overwhelmed by the loads of content to go through. The company’s test-taking services will handle that for you with the help of their expert tutors.

Let nursingprepexams do the TEAS for you
Let nursingprepexams do the TEAS for you

Additionally, the company offers a wealth of resources and study materials to help students prepare for the exam. These resources include TEAS practice tests, comprehensive study guides, and personalized feedback to help students identify and address challenging areas. Students can take advantage of the 92% pass rate if they feel overwhelmed by sitting for the exams independently.

  • Services: Practice tests, study guides, personalized feedback.
  • Pricing: $49.99 for one month; $99 for six months.
  • Features: Over 1300 questions, self-assessment practice tests, and access to a student community.

2. Kaplan

The company allows students to practice for exams by administering TEAS-style questions online. The topics covered here include health promotion, psychological and physiological integrity, and a safe and effective care environment. The tests have comprehensive answers that explain the questions in depth.

Top 10 TEAS Prep Courses and How to Choose Them [2024 Guide]
Top TEAS Prep Courses for High Scores
  • Services: Online practice questions, in-person or online tutoring.
  • Pricing: Basic package at $49 with a 7-day trial.
  • Features: TEAS-style questions, detailed explanations, flexible access, money-back guarantee.

3. Mometrix University

Mometrix University offers various study tools, including a comprehensive prep course with lessons, flashcards, and videos.

  • Services: Free practice test library, extensive prep course.
  • Pricing: $69.99 per month.
  • Features: 97 lessons, 525 flashcards, 150 videos, money-back guarantee.

4. Pocket Prep

It is among the most affordable TEAS prep courses, including over 2,000 practice test questions and quizzes. These tests assess students’ weak areas and help them find appropriate solutions. The company has a smartphone app allowing you to check your detailed progress report, build your tests, and take time quizzes.

  • Services: Practice questions, quizzes, progress tracking app.
  • Pricing: $14.99 per month; discounts for quarterly or annual memberships.
  • Features: 2,000+ questions, detailed progress reports, pass guarantee.

5. Study.com

This firm offers students a 30-day risk-free trial. They can use the free trial for a course reported to help over 8,000 students achieve high scores. The Study.com prep course entails 19 hours of video, 22 practice tests with over 170 test questions, and 205 course lessons. Students can access the course on demand, making the program an ideal choice if you have a tight schedule.

  • Services: On-demand video lessons and practice tests.
  • Pricing: $59.99 with a 30-day trial.
  • Features: 19 hours of video, 22 practice tests, 205 lessons, awards for best tutoring app.

6. Nurse Hub

Nurse Hub aims to help students prepare for the TEAS test by giving them access to over 1,279 exam-style questions. The company also offers five test simulations for students to gauge their readiness to face the paper. All test answers come with detailed explanations to ensure you fully understand what was expected of you. You will also enjoy test simulations and unlimited retakes.

The prep course also encompasses detailed reports to help students comprehend their testing scores and see how much they have improved from one test to the next. You have to understand that this course is mainly focused on testing.

  • Services: Exam-style questions, test simulations, detailed answer explanations.
  • Pricing: $19.99 per month.
  • Features: 1,279 questions, unlimited retakes, detailed progress reports.

7. ExamEdge

This prep course offers self-study materials that are available 24/7 for online access. Upon subscribing to the program, you will access over 100 different practice tests with a combination of over 6,700 questions. The program’s main aim is to help students improve their test-taking skills.

  • Services: Practice tests and detailed explanations.
  • Pricing: $21.95 to $163.
  • Features: 100+ practice tests, 6,700+ questions, timed tests.

8. BoostPrep

This prep course offers students five individual courses to help them prepare for the TEAS exam. The courses available include anatomy, English, science, math, and reading. You can access three timed, full-length practice exams upon subscribing to the membership.

  • Services: Individual courses, full-length practice exams.
  • Pricing: $49 for six months.
  • Features: Five individual courses, on-demand access, pass guarantee.

9. ATI TEAS Prep Course

ATI offers another impressive TEAS prep course for students preparing for the exam. You can choose several aspects of the program, such as the SmartPrep Tutorial program, where you will receive individualized study plans. This prep course offers 65 lessons on the TEAS sections and includes different practice tests you can use.

  • Services: Study plans, practice tests, tutorials.
  • Pricing: $80 to $249.
  • Features: 65 lessons, multiple full-length tests, on-demand courses.

10. Achieve

This is the ideal solution if you are looking for a TEAS prep course near me. Achieve has live online TEAS prep courses with 31 hours of prep time and is among the excellent prep courses. Consequently, students receive review videos, 10 hours of flashcards, and other practice materials. The prep course also comes with exam-style practice questions.

  • Services: Live online courses, review videos, practice questions.
  • Pricing: $549.
  • Features: 31 hours of prep time, real-time student and teacher interaction, and exam-style questions.

TEAS Prep Courses Comparison Table

Mometrix university ATI Study.com Pocket prep
Comprehensive content coverage Yes Yes Yes
Flashcards with explanations Yes Yes Yes
In-depth video lessons with transcripts Yes Yes Yes
Physical book Yes Yes
Detailed answer explanations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital testing system Yes Yes
TEAS logistics and test-taking tips Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pricing and payment options $69.99

Debit or credit card


Debit or credit card


Credit card or PayPal

$15.99 monthly

Credit card or PayPal

Practice questions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moneyback guarantee Yes Yes Yes

How To Choose The Right TEAS Prep Course

Picking the right TEAS prep course is essential to maximize your performance in the exam. Choosing the perfect course could be influenced by several factors. Here are some issues to consider before taking a prep course:

1. Learning Style Preferences

First, you need to consider your learning style. Visual learners should take a prep course with numerous infographics, video lessons, and visual aids. These will help them understand the concepts better and retain them longer. Auditory learners can take classes with discussion sessions and comprehensive audio lectures.

These courses allow students to absorb the information via listening to the lessons and taking in the knowledge. As for the kinesthetic learners who love hands-on activities, go for the interactive courses that encompass practice questions and simulations that reflect what you expect in the test.

2. Budgetary Constraints

These TEAS prep courses vary in cost. Some offer free resources to students, while others have expensive premium programs. Look for a prep course that provides the service at a price around your budget estimates.

Evaluate the course’s features against the cost to assess whether you get value for your money. Remember, high prices do not always mean better quality; read the reviews and even a free trial period to ascertain the legitimacy of the course.

3. Time Commitment Availability

When preparing for TEAS, you must consider how much time you dedicate to studying. Understand that some courses are self-paced, allowing you to fix your study schedule in your daily routine. Others have a more structured approach with regular classes and specific deadlines. A self-paced TEAS prep course is ideal if your daily schedule is tight. If you need to stay motivated in a structured environment, get a course with regular assignments and fixed timetables.

4. Instructor Interaction

Some students benefit a lot from direct access to instructors for feedback and asking questions. This kind of interaction offers them a deeper understanding of the information and gives them a chance for personalized study strategies.

For this interaction, look for courses with recorded or live sessions administered by experienced instructors. For independent learners, you could choose a prep course with automated feedback systems and comprehensive study guides.

Sample TEAS Prep Course Study Plans

Self-paced Sample

Week 1: Assessment and Planning

  • Day 1: Take a full-length practice test covering all four sections to identify strengths and weaknesses. Ensure the test simulates what would happen in the exam, including the time taken.
  • Day 2-3: Take your time to review practice test results, then create a study schedule based on identified challenging areas. The schedule should allocate sufficient time according to the level of challenge the section provides. Check if you had difficulties with the algebra topic and incorporate it into your schedule like other issues in other sections.
  • Day 4: Review essential content areas (Reading, Math, Science, and English). Spend at least three hours per day on each section. You can begin with reading and spend 4 hours going through the basics.
  • Day 5: Review the science section and go through the most asked questions. These could be common topics like anatomy in biology or mole concepts in chemistry.
  • Day 6: Review the English section for about two hours, reviewing the frequently asked questions from practice tests. This will familiarize you with the exam format.

Week 2-3: Focused Study Sessions

  • Reading:
    • Days 1-2: Focus on reading comprehension strategies and practice with sample passages. Ensure you spend about three hours daily reviewing the practice questions and answers.
    • Days 3-4: Review vocabulary and grammar rules. Endeavor to understand all the rules and how you can spot incorrect words and sentences.
    • Days 5-6: Practice reading questions from practice exams. Incorporate the reading strategies and tips you discovered in week one and practice how to implement them during the exam. This should be around 4 hours each day.
  • Math:
    • Days 1-2: Take 3 hours to review basic arithmetic and algebra concepts. This could be in the morning hours when the mind is still fresh.
    • Days 3-4: Practice problem-solving and word problems in about 4 hours for the two days.
    • Days 5-6: Take timed math quizzes to improve speed and accuracy for around 4 hours.

Week 3-4: Intensive Review

  • Science:
    • Days 1-2: Review life science topics and practice questions for three hours daily. Use practice questions to determine the issues primarily tested in the recent TEAS exams.
    • Days 3-4: Study human body systems and related practice problems for four hours daily. That could be in the afternoon after handling other tasks or in the morning before you take care of other business.
    • Days 5-6: Cover physical sciences and chemistry basics in two hours daily. That could be from 9 am to 11 am.
  • English:
    • Days 1-2: You could review grammar rules and punctuation for three hours daily. That could be from 8 am to 11 am.
    • Days 3-4: Practice sentence correction and writing skills. These are crucial topics to review as they are tested regularly in the TEAS exam. Practice techniques to handle them in about two hours each day.
    • Days 5-6: Take full-length practice tests under timed conditions to simulate exam day. Ensure the environment simulates precisely how the exam is, including the time required to complete it. From there, you will see the topics that still challenge you and address them.

Instructor-led TEAS Prep Course Study Plan

Week 1: Introduction and Diagnostic Assessment

  • Class Session 1: Orientation and overview of TEAS test structure and content areas.
  • Class Session 2: Diagnostic test and analysis of results to create a targeted study plan.
  • Homework: Review basic concepts in all four content areas (Reading, Math, Science, English).

Week 2: Reading and English

  • Class Session 3: Reading comprehension strategies and practice exercises.
  • Class Session 4: Vocabulary building and grammar review.
  • Class Session 5: Practice reading passages and questions.
  • Homework: Daily practice of reading comprehension and grammar exercises.

Week 3: Math

  • Class Session 6: Review of basic arithmetic and algebra concepts.
  • Class Session 7: Focus on problem-solving strategies for word problems.
  • Class Session 8: Practice math questions and timed quizzes.
  • Homework: Solve math practice problems and take short quizzes.

Week 4: Science

  • Class Session 9: Review of life sciences, including cell biology and genetics.
  • Class Session 10: Study human anatomy and physiology.
  • Class Session 11: Cover introductory chemistry and physical sciences.
  • Homework: Complete science practice questions and review critical concepts.

Week 5: Review and Final Practice

  • Class Session 12: Take a full-length practice test and review the results.
  • Class Session 13: Focus on weak areas identified from practice test results.
  • Class Session 14: Final review session and test-taking strategies.
  • Homework: Review notes, take practice tests, and focus on time management.

Week 6: Final Preparation

  • Self-study: Take final practice tests, review mistakes, and focus on the challenging topics.
  • Rest: Ensure you rest adequately and relax before the test day to minimize stress

How To Maximize The Effectiveness of TEAS Prep Courses

Below are brilliant tips you can use to maximize the resource:

1. Active Engagement With The Course

Engaging with the TEAS prep courses actively will allow you to make the most of them. Ensure you practice interactive learning using interactive materials like quizzes, flashcards, and practice questions. Active learning techniques such as self-testing should also be used to better understand the content and enhance retention. When reading the study guides or reviewing video lessons, take detailed notes and summarize the essential points to strengthen your understanding.

2. Have a Structured Study Schedule

Set a regular study schedule to ensure consistency in your study routine. Consistency is key in everything you do. It helps reinforce and create regular course review habits, vital for information retention. You could also break down the study sessions into manageable chunks, which helps enhance your focus and prevent burnout.

3. Seek Support

If you choose a TEAS prep course with access to instructors, take full advantage of them. Seek clarifications when you do not understand a concept, and ask questions when encountering challenging topics. Study groups are another brilliant support system. Collaborate with fellow TEAS test-takers to acquire new insights and perspectives on different topics covered in the exam.

4. Focus On The Challenging Topics

As you go through the TEAS prep courses, ensure you do not participate in the challenging issues. That is what you should focus on. Targeted practice entails spending more time on the problems on which you scored the lowest.

Tailor the study plan to cover more of these topics and boost your scores for a balanced understanding of all sections. Also, keep track of your progress by assessing your performance regularly. It will help adjust the study plan accordingly.

Take Away

The best TEAS prep courses will entirely depend on you as an individual. Your learning style, daily schedule, and other preferences will dictate which prep course to choose. If you are a visual learner, prep courses with more videos will be convenient.

Learners who love reading comprehensive materials should look for courses that comprehensively cover the TEAS sections with lots of information and material to cover. Use the information provided to compare the courses and pick one that best suits your needs.

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