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Top 7 Tips You Need to Pass the TEAS Test Reading Section


To pass the TEAS test reading section, you must understand the critical reading skills assessed in the exam. The reading section has three main categories: integrating knowledge and ideas, craft and structure, and key ideas and details.

In the integrating knowledge and ideas category, you will encounter the reading comprehension section 1 TEAS test, where you must answer questions from a comprehension passage. Remember that the TEAS test 7 reading section is a broad subject, but here are 7 remarkable hacks to help you ace it:

A photo with TEAS Reading checklist to follow and help pass the TEAS Reading Section
A photo with the TEAS Reading checklist to follow and help pass the TEAS Reading Section

1. Strengthen Reading still Skills

You could start by identifying the main idea in the given passage and having the supporting evidence with you. Be eager to draw inferences from the passage and find the right answers. The author’s purpose and message in the comprehension should reveal itself by going through the passage at least two times. That way, you will know how to approach and answer the questions easily.

2.  Use Practice Tests For Reading Comprehension

It would be best to have a study routine incorporating regular TEAS reading section practice. More practice will enhance your reading speed and boost your comprehension skills.

Analyze your test results and look for challenging areas. Work on these difficult areas to improve weaknesses and have a higher chance of passing the exam. Thorough practice will familiarize you with the exam format, the types of questions asked, and how the passages are structured. That will make you more comfortable on the exam day since you know what to expect.

3. Understand Different Question Types

Learn the format used to ask the questions and then understand how to approach each question correctly. Know which questions require citing evidence from the passage, learn how to decipher the author’s tone, and how to conclude from the passage. Every question differs from the others, so you need to create specific strategies to pass the TEAS test reading section and maximize your accuracy in every question.

4. Use Important Learning Resources

The ideal resources you can leverage include study guides such as the Hang-Gliding Training Manual, which offers insights into the knowledge and skills required to ace the reading section. You can also use online materials with sample questions and answers to know what to expect and work on the challenging areas. Take practice tests that mirror the difficulty and format of the actual exam. Combining these resources will ultimately improve your test-taking strategies.

5. Manage Your Time Well

Managing your time effectively starts with understanding the reading section format. Know the number of passages you must handle and the number of questions. From there, you will know how to allocate time to each passage and question.

The other technique is skimming through the passages. Go through the passages before looking at the question to have a general idea of the structure and content of the passage. You could also prioritize the easy questions first and then work on the challenging ones later. That helps garner as many points from the easy questions and saves time. You could also use the elimination method to maximize your time. This involves eliminating unsure answers and remaining with the correct answer. It saves time and helps you make educated guesses.

6. Use different TEAS-Taking Strategies

Mastering test-taking techniques can significantly enhance your performance in the TEAS reading section. Ensure you read the passages and questions carefully. Do not rush while reading the passage, as you might miss crucial information. You could also underline keywords; these will help you decipher what the passage discusses. Look for phrases and keywords in the passage that match your answers. Typically, the correct answer will have words or ideas similar to those in the passage. Matching the words will help you identify correct answers.

7. Stay Motivated and Manage Test Anxiety

Firstly, you need to acknowledge the challenges that come with standardized tests. The TEAS exams cover various disciplines that require critical thinking skills at a given time. Understanding this will help you prepare mentally for the test. To remain motivated, you must have some set goals in mind. Always remind yourself why you even decided to take the TEAS test. Whether you want to gain admission to your dream nursing school or advance your career, a clear goal will help you remain focused.

Consider setting achievable and realistic study goals to stay motivated. Set specific goals and break down your study material into manageable chunks that you can complete quickly, like in a day or three days. You can also manage test anxiety on the test day by practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing exercises.


There are brilliant ways to pass the TEAS test reading section; it should not be challenging. Some include time management, knowing the types of questions asked, using the available resources to hone your skills, and practicing more and more. Implement these strategies to improve your reading section performance and be confident to face the test. Also, understand that strong reading comprehension skills are important in healthcare careers.

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