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Discover Top Free and Paid TEAS Practice Tests For 2024


Preparing for the TEAS test is essential as it assesses your readiness to join the school and predicts your future nursing success. One effective way to prepare for the exam is through TEAS practice tests. These tests significantly impact your preparation efforts and also boost your confidence. This guide covers the top practice tests to use in your preparation efforts.

Free TEAS Practice Test Resources

Students on a budget can take advantage of the free TEAS practice tests offered by various websites. Even though these resources are incomparable to the paid resources, they can provide valuable questions and answers that will help boost your knowledge bank and confidence.

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  1. Official ATI TEAS website—it is one of the websites that offers free revision materials. Even though the platform has paid study materials such as study guides and practice tests, it encompasses free TEAS test resources to prepare for the exam. These free resources include the prep App, a blog with additional study tips and FAQs, and free practice questions.
  2. Educational websites (nursingprepexams, test guide, union test prep) – these popular educational websites have various free TEAS practice tests you can use to prepare for the exam. Their tests cover all four sections of the exam, and they are made to simulate the real TEAS style and difficulty. Their questions also have detailed answer explanations. As for the Union test prep site, students can enjoy complimentary access to flashcards and study guides to help prepare.

TEAS practice tests

While free practice tests can help prepare for the exam, they have limitations. You can expect most of these free resources not to have full-length practice tests. This will limit the simulation experience where you wish to feel the actual testing experience.

Let nursingprepexams do the TEAS for you
Let nursingprepexams do the TEAS for you

Free resources could only have a sneak peek of the test content, leaving out different questions, variations, and types you could encounter. The free resources are a brilliant starting point, but you must look for the paid/premium study resources for thorough preparation.

Top Paid TEAS Practice Test Providers

This section covers the leading paid TEAS practice test providers. These providers offer extensive coverage of the TEAS sections with lots of study guides and practice questions to take advantage of. Below are the top providers you can look for:

1. Kaplan

Kaplan is a common name, especially in the nursing test preparation industry. The provider is prominent for its effective and comprehensive study materials. The company offers TEAS prep resources, including interactive video lessons, detailed study guides, and full-length practice tests. Their courses also encompass access to more than 500 practice questions, live and on-demand video instructions, and personalized study plans. Kaplan also has a mobile app that allows students to study from anywhere at any time. You will also receive detailed reports on your progress.

2. Mometrix

Mometrix is another reputable provider of TEAS preparation study materials. The company is prominent for its extensive study guides, full-length practice tests, and impressive flashcards. Mometrix resources cover all the TEAS sections using test-taking strategies and detailed answers and explanations. Their courses also include video tutorials that help students grasp the concepts via visual learning. Students will also enjoy 63 post-lesson quizzes for using this course.

3. NursingPrepExams

Prepare, practice, and conquer TEAS 7 with stress-free TEAS prep resources. Get study materials, practice questions, videos, and in-depth study guides. They guarantee you will conquer TEAS 7 and pursue your nursing dreams.

4. Achieve Test Prep

The company offers customized study plans that cater to individual learning needs and styles. Its features include flexible scheduling options, score improvement guarantees, and live instructor-led classes. The company integrates interactive online resources with traditional study materials to offer students the best courses. It also has nursing bridge programs and on-demand tutoring resources.

5. Adkins Academy

Adkins Academy is known for its customized study plans and one-on-one tutoring options. The company also encompasses effective practice tests with detailed explanations. Adkins Academy also offers an intensive prep experience to boost your TEAS scores. The company has personalized feedback, which makes it an ideal choice for students. Adkins Academy is your go-to solution if you seek targeted and effective preparation. The company also has live sessions and Q&A sessions during the live sessions.

6. Pocket Prep

This company mainly specializes in mobile app-based TEAS preparation. It makes it easy for nursing students to study on the go. They can take on practice questions from wherever they are at any time. Their apps offer diverse practice questions with detailed explanations, performance-tracking features, and customizable practice tests. The app uses adaptive learning technology and a user-friendly interface that helps students focus more on their weak areas. They also have a community score where you can see how you are doing against your peers and in-app support whenever you have concerns.

7. ATI Testing

ATI testing is the official developer of the TEAS test and offers students high-quality preparation materials. Their services include review modules, study guides, comprehensive practice tests, instructional videos, eBooks, score reports and topics to review exam-like practice tests, and customized TEAS prep with SmartPrep technology. ATI testing offers three packages, including the comprehensive package ($199), the SmartPrep package ($129), and the basic package ($99). They also have a robust student support center where all your concerns will be addressed promptly.

8. Exam Edge

Exam Edge takes pride in its TEAS practice tests and ability to help nursing students pass their exams. They offer unique practice test environments that simulate the actual TEAS exam environment to help the students familiarize themselves with the surroundings and reduce exam anxiety. The company provides step-by-step explanations for the practice questions to help understand the concepts. Students will also receive a completion certificate to prove they took the course and are well prepared to handle the TEAS test. They also offer score reports to check and track your progress.

9. BoostPrep

This company offers a wide range of TEAS preparation materials, such as in-depth video lessons, impressive study guides, and remarkable practice tests. BoostPrep also provides diagnostic and realistic practice exams, subject matter experts for the exams, and excellent customer support. The company also offers a 100% pass guarantee or money-back guarantee. BoostPrep boasts impressive study tools such as flashcards, exam engines, and modules. They also have targeted content, so you will only study the topics and questions tested on the TEAS test.

Comparison of Features

Provider Practice tests Question banks Video Lessons Study plans Mobile app Price range
Kaplan Yes Yes Yes Personalized Yes $100-$600
Mometrix Yes Yes Yes Standard No $79.99 each month
Achieve test prep Yes Yes Yes Customized No $30-$200
Adkins academy Yes Yes No Customized No $300-$1000
Pocket prep Yes Yes No Standard Yes $8-$20 per month
ATI Testing Yes Yes Yes Standard No $99-$300
Exam Edge Yes Yes No Standard No $20-$200
BoostPrep Yes Yes Yes Standard No $40-$300

Choosing The Right TEAS Practice Test Option

Picking the appropriate TEAS practice test option entails careful deliberation of different factors. You must ensure your preparation efforts align with your learning preferences and needs. Below are key considerations to look at:

  1. Budget—If you are low on budget, consider the free TEAS tests from websites such as Union Test Prep and utilize their study materials. However, if your budget allows, go for the high-budget options like Kaplan and Adkins Academy, as they are more detailed and streamlined for your success.
  2. Learning style—Understand your preferred learning style and then look for a course that offers it. Visual learners can choose options that provide visual aids, such as BoostPrep and Kaplan. Mobile learners will appreciate options such as Pocket Prep, which comes with a mobile app. If you are a structured learner, choose Achieve Test Prep for personalized guidance or Adkins Academy for one-on-one tutoring.
  3. Desired features – different TEAS preparation providers will have features like video lessons, study plans, practice questions, and score or money-back guarantees. Choose a provider with precisely what you wish to get fully prepared for the test.

Comprehensive Approach

A well-rounded TEAS test preparation approach encompasses both free and premium resources. It is imperative to first assess your knowledge and skills via the free study materials and then explore the paid resources. Combining both approaches is cost-effective and offers a comprehensive approach to your efforts. As you go for the premium options, consider your learning style, budget, and the features you fancy in the ideal provider.


TEAS practice tests are efficient in preparing to join a nursing school. These practice tests have questions similar to those you will encounter in the exam and similar conditions. That will help you familiarize yourself with the test format and style and boost your confidence on the exam day.

These tests also gauge your readiness to join the nursing school and your knowledge bank for future success in your nursing career. When choosing the best practice tests, a comprehensive approach is advisable where you combine both free and paid practice tests for a well-rounded strategy.

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